Multiple cerebral and Left side cerebellar metastasis.

There are multiple mixed in signal intensity,well circumscribed mass lesion in Bilateral
cerebral hemespheres involving frontal ,parietal,right temporal,right occipital lobe.
The lesions are mainly hypo intense on T2 and FLAIR sequences and hyper intense in T1
sequece and lesions showed none resricted diffusion.There are peri lesional oedema.
Lesion with similar signal characteristic noted in left cerebellar hemisphere.
MR specroscopy shows elevated choline peaks.
There are no significant foci of abnormal signal intensities seen in brain stem.
The thalami and the basal ganglia shows normal MR morphology and signal characteristics.
There are no evidence of a mass lesion or vascular malformation.
Corpus callosum is normal in size ,shape and signal pattern.
The ventricular system,basal cisterns and cortical sulci are normal in size and show
normal CSF signal characteristics on all pulse sequences.
Pitiutary gland is normal in size ,shape and signalcharacteristics.
There is no mild line shift.

Diagnosis-Multiple cerebral and Left side cerebellar metastasis.

Author: CeylonMediweb